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Bangkok Aluminum Ordinary Partnership has begun the operation on 13th November, 1991. Which run a business by sell Aluminum Section Profile, glass and products related to aluminum and glass; together with construct for install all kinds of aluminum and glass to serve customers in Phuket and neighboring provinces for a long time. From expertises... read more
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Welcome to our homepage. We have not quite finished setting up our website yet, but please add us to your bookmarks and come back soon.

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Our Products
  • Folding Fly Screen

    Folding fly screen  is Japanese style fly screen. This system focuses on safety Concerns because it incorporates a unique, patent pending speed reduction componert Fly natiing  is made from nylon mixed fiber, Which allow its easy cleaning and durable. The greatest benefit is the screen stays in place wherever you choose to have it stop. It is suitablefor large windows and large doors.

  • Aluminium Profile

  • Hardware Accessories

  • Balconyglass

  • Spider Glass Connector

    accessories stainless  steel glass connector for tension rod

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  • 19/07/2011 - Architect  Phuket  in 29-7-10/1-8-10  Royal Phuket City hotle,Thailand  / Grand Ball-ROOM-BOOTH  84... read more

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